Sue Dion is a painter working in Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor. She has studied at both RISD and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and as a self-proclaimed life-long learner she continues to study with other artists who have inspired her.  Dion’s paintings draw from two great American traditions, abstract expressionism and plein air. But to those traditions, she brings both technical sophistication and a humility that invokes her thematic interests in human trafficking and servitude. Her singular approach to the “lost edges” in abstraction communicate her intense focus on the marginalized and awaken our awareness of what is on the edges and not apparent at first glance. The color scheme in her paintings is equally sophisticated: any immediate sense of sweetness in her pastels or more saturated colors gives way, on a second viewing, to unexpected depths and darkness. Through her use of color, texture and edge Sue invites her viewers to journey along unexpected pathways, ultimately arriving at their own, unique interpretations of her work.

Sue’s work has been featured in Worcester Magazine and is found in numerous public and private collections across the globe including the University Of Massachusetts Memorial Hospital, Milford Federal Savings Bank and the City of Austin, MN. Sue shares her passion for painting through teaching in her two privately maintained studios and also as a member of the teaching faculty at the Worcester Art Museum located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Sue Dion consistently creates evocative, engaging work which is always a joy to behold.  Her latest work can be viewed on her website,

You can join Sue in her efforts toward eradicating human trafficking by supporting the Polaris Project, one of the most influential groups working on this issue in the United States.  The Polaris Project takes a comprehensive approach to ending modern-day slavery. The organization advocates for stronger federal and state laws, operates the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline, provides services and support for trafficking victims, and works with survivors to develop long-term strategies to ending human trafficking.  Learn more about this important issue at