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“The Awakening”    24 X 48” Oil on canvas                     Purchase Information

“The Awakening” 24 X 48” Oil on canvas Purchase Information

THE AWAKENING brings to mind Jackson Pollock's assessment of Abstract art: "It confronts you"

My first attention was to the wavelike mass of white in the center of the work; a forceful, moving shape hinting at a third dimension as it crashes out of the canvas. Abstract art often urges one to either step back or to dive right in. I took the dive into the heavier blues of the storm. These were depicted by hectic stabs of color angled in every possible direction. Although visually chaotic, these darker, more dense areas organize themselves into a discernible linear pattern; a sort of blue frame for the more expansive whites. This framing is a clear contrast in color as well as space, as it hints at a containment of the unruly sea, a calming of the storm. I would liken it to a dream that leaves one feeling hopeful and inspired and more than a little awed by one of the earth's most powerful and dynamic elements~~Water. 

 For me, this piece is an awakening into the powerful imaginings of abstract art.

Now at the Davis Gallery in Worcester, MA through the middle of August.

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