My 4-week studio classes typically begin the first week of each month alternating monthly between group projects and independent study.

Sue Dion

Sue Dion


Uxbridge Studio at FrameSense   193 Quaker Highway     This studio is located in the quaint town of Uxbridge, a little know but highly visible enclave in the beautiful Blackstone Valley of Central Massachusetts.

Worcester Studio   50 Lagrange St    This studio space, located in a former factory building in a infinitely more interesting neighborhood than the Uxbridge location, boasts a freight elevator for those who can't make the three floor walk up and the creative energies of several working artists.


Monthly Classes:  All Uxbridge and Worcester Studio class session begin the first week of each month.  Interested individuals can sign up to receive a quarterly e-mail outlining class options. Classes on my website with information about the classes, locations and enrollment links. 

Materials:  In the spirit of making things as easy as possible for my students all incidental painting materials are included in the class fees .This includes things like paper towels, graphite paper, pencils, rulers and tape, scissors and masking fluid. Please be sure to arrive to class with:

  • Paints

  • Brushes

  • Support (Canvas, watercolor paper, etc.)

Watercolor supplies can be purchased at the studio or rented at a cost of $25.00 per four week class. This fee includes ¼ sheet of Arches paper, paints and brushes.

Oil supplies can be rented at a cost of $10 per class. This includes paints, brushes, mediums and palette.

Payment:  Click here to see current available classes and follow the payment instructions for each class.  Payment is required prior to class. 

Independent study:   Independent Study Classes may be attended weekly rather than monthly for $20.00 per class. If you would like to drop in, please call first, 508-278-2768, to ensure there is space for you. 

Private/Semi-Private Lessons: Private lessons are $35.00 per hour. Semi-private lessons are $25.00 per hour. Contact me directly to schedule . 

Enrollment Requirements: Class will be cancelled if enrollment does not reach four students by the day before the class is scheduled to begin so be sure to let me know if you plan to attend. If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, I will reimburse any students who have prepaid. Check home page banner for class cancellations. 

Missed Classes: Most of my classes are based on a four week enrollment. I a student is unable to attend all four classes that month they will be charged the weekly rate for each class they attend.  Please be considerate of others when verbally indicating your intention to attend a class.  If a student has told me they will be attending a class and provide notice within 24 hours that they will not be able to attend then they must provide payment for that class.  This is to ensure that scheduled classes continue for the benefit of the other students enrolled.

Bad Weather Cancellations:  I close my studios when the town where the studio is located close public schools due to a storm.  If you're concerned about a class being cancelled, you can check my home page banner for a notification or call me at 508-278-2768.  Classes will be rescheduled if the current schedule allows, if not, students will receive a 50% reimbursement to be applied to their next session.