I'm Sue Dion,an artist living in Uxbridge, MA.  My art has always been the language through which I have felt best able to express myself. Little in this world motivates me, or excites my passion more than creating a painting. It is my joy of painting flowers that ultimately brought about the series, “The Dance of Flowers”.  For me, there is a correlation between the beauty and joy of dance and the beauty and joy of flowers.  It is this relationship that I endeavor to share through this work. 

When painting, I typically begin very loosely, playfully mixing colors, and spontaneously applying them to the canvas. I find myself constantly stepping back to evaluate my progress assessing the forms as they take shape and relate to one another. When the sense of communication begins to become apparent in one of my paintings, I feel an instant connection to it and an unbridled sense of joy. It is often, at this point that I find myself beginning to work much faster, and the fear of a misstep or stray brushstroke ebbs, often with the sense that the painting is creating itself through me.

I hope that while viewing my art, people experience the subject of the painting on a different level and develop a more intimate connection to it.  It is this emotional response to my work which I value. It is this emotional connection which drives my art.